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Publications on Nutrition and Aging

Note: Some of the articles listed below are duplicated across categories.

Sharkey JR, Locher J, Sahyoun N, Wilcox S, Guest editors. (Special Issue) Nutrition and Aging: Nutritional Health Inequity. Journal of Aging Research 2012.

Sharkey JR, Locher J, Sahyoun N, Wilcox S. Nutrition and Aging: Nutritional Health Inequity (editorial). Journal of Aging Research. 2012;2012:164106.

Huang DL, Rosenberg DE, Simonovich SD, Belza B. Food Access Patterns and Barriers among Midlife and Older Adults with Mobility Disabilities. Journal of Aging Research. 2012;2012:231489.

Anyanwu UO, Sharkey JR, Jackson RT, Sahyoun NR. Home food environment of older adults transitioning from hospital to home. J Nutr Gerontol Geriatr 2011;30(2):105-21. Abstract.

Wilcox S, Sharkey JR, Matthews AE, Laditka JN, Laditka SB, Logsdon RG, et al. Perceptions and Beliefs about the Role of Physical Activity and Nutrition on Brain Health in Older Adults. The Gerontologist. 2008.

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