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Healthy Brain Workgroup

The Healthy Brain Workgroup of the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (CDC-HAN) comprises CDC-HAN researchers, collaborators, and partners with interests in examining issues related to cognition among older adults.


The mission of the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (CDC-HAN) Healthy Brain Workgroup is to combine the efforts of CDC-HAN researchers, research collaborators, community partners, government entities (local, state, federal), and policy makers to better understand issues related to cognition among older adults, develop a research program, and identify strategies to promote cognitive health.

We will work toward this mission by partnering with stakeholders, and emphasizing strategies for identifying and disseminating science-based information that positively affects behavioral change and is culturally relevant for diverse audiences.

We strive to:

  • Serve as a resource for locally and nationally representative information on attitudes about cognitive health and cognitive impairment among diverse groups
  • Evaluate knowledge, perceptions, practices, and policy about cognitive health over time
  • Evaluate the impact of cognitive impairment on health and well-being (including multiple chronic conditions)
  • Advance research in cognitive health and cognitive impairment, e.g., using our findings to inform the content in state and national surveys
  • Collaborate with key local, state, and national partners who have interests in cognition and aging, including healthcare providers and payers
  • Work with partners to communicate community-relevant information about the state of brain health science
  • Examine how cognitive health messaging fits within the context of health promotion messages for other chronic conditions
  • Contribute toward reducing cognitive health disparities through culturally sensitive research, education, and practice.