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Environmental and Policy Change Initiative

Environmental and Policy Change Clearinghouse

The EPC Clearinghouse is a searchable database of resources, tools, and concrete strategies that support local efforts in environmental and policy change for healthy aging. It was developed by the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN). Go to the Clearinghouse.

The compilation of resources included in the Clearinghouse was made possible through support from the Healthy Communities Program and the Healthy Aging Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The resources included in the Clearinghouse have been chosen for their relevance and usefulness to people working in the fields of aging services, public health, planning, architecture, engineering, recreation, transportation, and health care.

The Clearinghouse leadership team members and a librarian identified resources for possible inclusion. The identified resources were screened by the leadership team and our Resource Guidance Group.

The Clearinghouse was made possible by the collaboration, expertise, and vision of the development team: Basia Belza and Rebecca Hunter, co-chairs, Patricia Lichiello, Alexis Matthews (CDC-HAN intern, summer 2010), Gwen Moni, Judith Yarrow, Yuki Durham, and Cate Clegg.The Clearinghouse was created with the help of UW Technology Innovations in Education and Research (TIER).

We thank our Resource Guidance Group, who reviewed all the resources included in the Clearinghouse, for their time and the expertise and commitment they brought to this project. Resource Guidance Group members.