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HAN members at 2011 annual meeting

About Us


The CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (CDC-HAN) was formed in 2001 to help develop and implement a national research and dissemination agenda related to the public health aspects of healthy aging.

CDC-HAN is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Healthy Aging Program. The coordinating center and seven member and affiliate universities are a subset of CDC's Prevention Research Centers located throughout the United States. Each brings topic expertise to the Network's research and program development. List of our network members

US map showing HAN member locations

The HAN Coordinating Center, under the leadership of Basia Belza, PhD, RN, FAAN, is located at the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center.

Strong partnerships with community-based groups are fundamental to CDC-HAN's successes. Through collaborative efforts, the Network conducts research, provides programs and training, and influences policies to promote healthy aging in diverse settings. Network members focus particularly on communities and populations that bear a disproportionate burden of illness and disease. Our competencies.

CDC-HAN's work is based on the social-ecological model.

Social-ecological model showing the social levels: individual, interpersonal, institutional, community, public policy. The physical environment crosses the institutional, community, public policy levels.

Sources: McLeroy et al., 1988, Health Educ Q; Sallis et al., 1998, Am J Prev Med (modified).

Our mission is. . .

  • to better understand the determinants of healthy aging in diverse populations and settings;
  • to identify, develop and evaluate programs and policies that promote healthy aging; and
  • to translate and disseminate research into effective and sustainable public health programs and policies throughout the nation.

Current Project List

CDC-HAN Brochure

CDC-HAN Case Study Report

Healthy Aging

The development and maintenance of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being and function in older adults.

For healthy aging, we need safe physical environments and communities that support attitudes and behaviors leading to health and well-being, and effective use of health services and community programs to prevent or minimize the effects of acute and chronic disease.