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Promoting Healthy Aging

The members of CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (CDC-HAN) work to develop and implement a national research and dissemination agenda related to the public health aspects of healthy aging.

On this Web site you will find our tools—such as webinars and action briefs—our publications, and information about our research, projects, and members.

Healthy Aging Research Network Grantee Meeting

April 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia

HAN group photo from 2013 meeting

Environmental and Policy Change for Healthy Aging

The Environmental and Policy Change (EPC) for Healthy Aging initiative included webinars, online presentations, onine discussions, a series of action briefs, and the EPC Clearinghouse, a searchable database of more than 130 tools, best practices, case studies, and strategies to engage stakeholders and work with policy decision-makers.

Find the EPC Initiative presentations, webinars, and discussions at